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The Inventory is where the player can store items. Inventory can be opened by pressing "G" by default, or "Tab" if the inventory was the last menu you were in.

The 'Hands' space is the only part of the inventory you have by default, and any items that may be equipped in the "Hands" slot can be bound to a key, by clicking on the item, then hitting a number between 3-9, and 0.

Below the model of your character, you have two slots for your Primary and Secondary weapon, used with 1 and 2.

You may obtain more inventory space by wearing clothing, such as a shirt, pants, vest, or backpack item. Different clothing has varying inventory spaces it gives.

Below are tables of what each clothing item gives.


Name(s) Grid (w x h) Slots
Alicepack 8x7 56
Spec Ops Ruckpack 8x5 40
Travelpack 5x7 35
Leather Pack 6x5 30
Daypack, Dufflebag 7x4 28
Diving Tank 4x2 8


Name(s) Grid (w x h) Slots
Military Vest, Police Vest 5x4 20
Spec Ops Vest 6x3 18
Poncho 4x4 16
Sweatervest 5x3 15
Civilian Armor, Ghillie Vest 4x3 12
Makeshift Armor 3x2 6


Name(s) Grid (w x h)
Thief Top 7x3
Forest Military Top, Desert Military Top,

Police Top, Parka

Firefighter Top, Leather Top, Hoodie 5x3
Shirt 5x2
Prisoner Top 3x2


Name(s) Grid (w x h)
Cargo Pants, Thief Bottom 6x3
Police Bottom, Leather Bottom 5x3
Forest Military Bottom, Desert Military Bottom 4x3
Prisoner Bottom 5x2